The Trishan Love Internet Radio Station was established in March 29,2015 and broadcasts from its station in ISRAEL
Its main purpose is to promote PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING among all listeners from all sector of life.
In just a little over 3 years since its initial broadcast
Caught the attention of its listeners because of its unique format which included not only music and the DJ's and this
Caught the interest of many of its Filipino listeners
Who identified with the upstart INTERNET RADIO STATION.
This internet radio station provided a forum for its listeners to stay in touch with events happening in their homeland. Regularly communicate with friends, exchange ideas with each other on different topics and chat with both old and new friends while listening to music they both love and enjoy.

Furthermore, to some extent, the radio station was successful
In developing a unique set of listeners
who became loyal listeners because they all felt a sense of belonging .
Hence , TRISHAN LOVE RADIO, lived up to its name and in the process
won over a legion of new listener sympathetic to a Filipino culture
that values love, understanding, compassion and the free and unhampered
exchange of communication among its loyal legion listeners.
Through Trishan Love Radio, huge numbers of Filipino overseas workers
have sought solace from homesickness and loneliness brought
about by their separation from family and love ones in their effort
to provide a better life for their family.
To this end, Trishan Love Radio has and will continue to serve
as a forum for bringing together and nurturing friendships,
both new and old. A growing numbers of its Filipino listeners
shall look up to the station as their source of fertile ideas and lasting FRIENDSHIP.